At Petra Segreta Resort & Spa we organise sporting activities and wine and food tours to introduce you to the region’s best flavours and locations, including:

  • Excursions on our private yacht, a 38-foot Itama day cruiser Itama for day trips to Corsica, the French and Italian islands of the archipelago, the marine park of Tavolara island and the Costa Smeralda. Lunch on board with traditional dishes or fresh fish prepared by the Petra Segreta's Chef.
  • Trips to the islands of the La Maddalena archipelago on a sailing yacht or catamaran.
  • Horseback riding in the Cugnana Gulf, treks suitable for all or challenging outings for expert riders in an area of rare natural beauty.
  • Diving with an instructor to discover the underwater world off the islands near the resort.
  • Private excursions by helicopter from the hotel’s heliport: panoramic or photographic tours of the colours of the coast throughout Sardinia. Service also available for transfers to the airport or mainland Italy.
  • Guided climbs of the coastal cliffs in the Gulf of Orosei or of the nearby rock formations of the Gallura area.
  • Wine tastings at local vineyards with white and sparkling wines as well as wines from heirloom Sardinian grape varieties.
  • Windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing in Porto Pollo, home to world championship circuits.
  • Offshore sport fishing with the best professionals off the Costa Smeralda and in the Bonifacio straits.
  • Archaeological excursions to some of the local area’s many necropolis, nuraghe dwellings and giants’ tombs.