San Pantaleo

The best-loved village on the Costa Smeralda

San Pantaleo has become the best-loved village of the Costa Smeralda. No longer a place to just drive through, everyone loves to stop off and get lost in the stone streets winding to the heart of the village - the "piazza", surrounded by lovingly preserved traditional cottages.

San Pantaleo is the place to come for a browse around the boutiques and ateliers of artists and artisans, for an excellent aperitif, or to step back into a more laid back atmosphere, whose community observes the busy life of the coast with detached curiosity from its lofty vantage point.

Even at the height of the summer, the village has a leisurely and relaxed feel, except perhaps for the Thursday market, when the elegant ladies of the Costa Smeralda mingle with crowds of tourists to peruse the stalls and the renowned boutiques of San Pantaleo.