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Massages and treatments in Olbia, Sardinia


Choose one of the exclusive massages at the Wellness Centre of the Petra Segreta, Hotel Spa Olbia, to rediscover your spiritual and physical well-being:

  • Shantaram: A “calming” practice to ease accumulated tension, sustain vitality and relax the mind. Harmony and balance are returned to the body through the use of oils. The sequence can be enhanced with a specific treatment for the head to increase the general state of well-being. Body Treatment 60 min. - Body & Head Treatment 90 min.

  • Atman: Perfumed oils and embracing movements generate a deep state of relaxation. “Atman”, the “self”, is reconciled, the individual emerges integrated. - 75 min.

  • Raja: Intense and profound, to provide relief for the back, relax and assist the alignment of the spine, relieve states of physical and mental tiredness. - 40 min.

  • Padma: “The entire universe is held within the foot” is the thought of the Indians who worship the footprints of “Vishnu the preserver”. A gentle practice to re-harmonise the body and energy flows, allowing one to walk more lightly on the earth. - 40 min.

  • Sundaram: Delicate touches for a fresher and brighter complexion, the skin becomes silky-smooth and the mind relaxes. - 40 min

  • Tiaré: From Hawaiian tradition. Slow application of oil, long rhythmical and harmonious movements, thanks to the use of the forearms, to delicately ease tension and wrap the body in a warm embrace. - 60 min.

  • Mana Lomi: Deep and intense, ideal for relaxing the deepest-set muscular tension. The “Mana” - the vital force, in Hawaiian - re-emerges to revitalise the entire psycho-physical system. - 75 min.

  • Reiki: Reiki is a calming and revitalising practice: simple contact with the hands along the body’s energy flows generates a sense of profound serenity which is typical of that participatory detachment which is sought through Buddhism. - 60 min.

  • Samadhi: A massage to provide relief, during pregnancy, to the body and the mind of women who are carrying a new life. - 60 min.

  • Postural harmonization: Small, simple delicate gestures to relieve accumulated tension and return “breath” to the entire body by working principally on the axes of the spinal column. A way to release tension which is also suitable for those who do not like being massaged. - 60 min.


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