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Select one of exclusive massage treatments in Petra Segreta Wellness Centre to regain spiritual and physical well-being:

  • Shantaram: From ancient Indian tradition, a “pacifying” practice to dissipate accumulated stress, maintain vitality and calm the mind. A full body treatment with warm oil to harmonize and balance. It is possible to add a specific treatment for the head for an enhanced state of wellbeing. - Full body 60 min. -  Body and head 90 min.
  • Atman: The scents of India infuse this soft and slow sequence; perfumed oils and encircling gestures create a state of deep relaxation. “Atman” – the Self – is pacified, and wholeness is reached. - 75 min
  • Raja: Deep and strong to give relief to the back, it allows spinal alignment. To soothe physical and mental stress - 40 min.
  • Padma: “The entire universe is represented within the foot” is an Indian phrase. They worship the footprints of “Vishnu the protector”. A gentle treatment to bring harmony not only to the body, but also to the flow of energy, to walk lighter on the earth. - 40 min
  • Sundaram: Sensitive touches for a silky skin. To loose mind and to have a fresh and bright new aspect. - 40 min
  • Tiaré: A gentle and flowing traditional Hawaiian treatment:  “lomi” means wave, or flow; a beautiful flowing form of transformational massage with long, slow, rhythmical movements. Through the use of the forearms the body is delicately freed from tension and wrapped in a warm embrace. - 60 min.
  • Mana Lomi: A deep, intense Hawaiian massage which is ideal for relaxing deep, residual muscular tension and “clearing the memory” of accumulated fatigue. “Mana” is the life-force which retreats to the depths when life is stressful; this treatment allows it to re-emerge and revitalize. - 75 min.
  • Reiki: Reiki is a Japanese method to amplify the inner energy “Ki”. Healthy Ki nourishes and restores the physical body and balances mental and vital fields. - 60 min.
  • Samadhi: A soft and effectiveness practice to relief for pregnant woman. - 60 min.
  • Postural harmonization: Small, simple and delicate movements to relieve accumulated tension and allow the body to “breathe”, working principally on the axis of the spine. A method of relaxation suitable for those who prefer not to be massaged. - 60 min.

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