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Massages and treatments in Olbia, Sardinia


Treat yourself with a series of massages at the Petra Segreta Hotel & Spa, home to a small but perfectly formed Wellness Centre providing a complete range of services to clients from the Costa Smeralda, San Pantaleo, Porto Rotondo and Olbia.

  • Shantaram A “calming” practice to ease accumulated tension, promote vitality and relax the mind. Oils help to restore harmony and balance to the body. A specific treatment for the head can be added to increase your general state of wellbeing.
    Full body | 60 min – Full body and head | 90 min
  • Atman: Perfumed oils and enveloping movements generate a deep state of relaxation. The “atman”, or “self”, is replenished and the individual emerges restored. | 75 min
  • Raja: Deep and intense, provides relief for the back, relaxes and supports alignment of the spine, relieves physical and mental fatigue. | 40 min
  • Padma: “The entire universe is held within the foot” according to the Indians who worship the footprints of “Vishnu the preserver”. A gentle practice to re-harmonise the body and energy flows, leaving you walking more lightly on the earth. | 40 min
  • Sundaram: A delicate treatment for a fresher and brighter complexion, skin becomes silky smooth and the mind relaxes. | 40 min
  • Tiaré: From the Hawaiian tradition. Slow application of oil, long, rhythmical and harmonious movements using the forearms delicately ease tension and wrap the body in a warm embrace. | 60 min
  • Mana Lomi: Deep and intense, ideal for unravelling deep-set muscular tension. The “Mana”, or vital force in Hawaiian, re-emerges to revitalise the entire psycho-physical system. | 75 min
  • Reiki: A calming and revitalising practice: simple contact with the hands along the body’s energy channels generates a sense of deep serenity which is typical of that participatory detachment cultivated in Buddhism. | 60 min
  • Samadhi: An ancient massage to harmonise energy flows during pregnancy. | 60 min
  • Postural harmonisation: Small, simple and delicate gestures to relieve accumulated tension and bring “breath” back to the entire body by working principally on the spinal column. A means of releasing tension rather than an actual massage. | 60 min

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